White Sails

Bakery & Deli


 Our Specialty


Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich..... 8.95              

     Approx. 6 oz pilled high on top of our own rye bread, served with kosher dill pickle

Add coleslaw or sauerkraut 1.25     Add swiss cheese 1.00



Original Burger..... 5.95                     

Pepperoni Burger  Pepperoni & Mozza ..... 7.95            

Capicollo Burger  Capicollo & Mozza ..... 7.95       

Peanut Butter Burger..... 6.95   

Rueben Burger  Montreal Smoked Meat, Swiss Cheese & Sauerkraut..... 9.95

Kid's Burger..... 4.00

Our 5 oz burgers are made with 100% Certified Angus Beef and include lettuce, tomato, raw or fried onions and choice of condiment

Gluten Free Bun 2.00     Add cheese 1.00     Add bacon 1.00     Add Fries 4.75



Egg..... 5.95      

Ham..... 6.95   

Roast Beef..... 6.95   

Turkey  Made with real turkey..... 8.50   

​All above sandwiches are served on white or multigrain bread, and toppings:

lettuce, tomato cucumber, onion & mayo

Fried Bologna  White or multigrain bread & choice of condiments​..... 6.95 

Veggie  Toasted white or multigrain bread, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and garlic mayo​..... 5.95

Add cheese 1.00

Grilled Cheese.....4.25     

BLT  White or multigrain bread, bacon, lettuce & tomato..... 6.95

Clubhouse..... 10.95

White or multigrain bread, swiss or cheddar cheese, fresh turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato,

cucumber, onion & mayo

Add Fries 4.75



Homemade Soups..... 5.95

Served with a slice of white or multigrain bread

Montreal Style Cooked Subs


Steak Sub  Approx. 6 oz of Triple A Sirloin Steak..... 10.95

​Add Pepperoni 2.00      Add Cappicollo 2.50      Add Montreal Smoked Meat 3.50

Pepperoni Sub  Loaded with Montreal style pepperoni..... 9.95

Deli Sub  Montreal Smoked Meat, Salami, Pepperoni​.....10.95 

Freshly cooked subs include: fried onions, lettuce, tomato, melted mozzarella cheese, our own sauce & a dash of oregano on a toasted bun

Hot Dogs


Hot Dog..... 3.35

Served in a toasted bun with choice of condiment

Fries and Poutines


Fresh Cut Fries..... 4.75

Poutine  real curds..... 7.25  

Newfie Poutine  homemade dressing, cheese curds & gravy.....8.20

Smoked Meat Poutine Montreal Smoked Meat, cheese curds & gravy.....8.20

Fries & Dressing homemade dressing & gravy (no cheese)​.....6.95

Extra Cheese Curds 2.50

Take Home Meals


9" Tourtiere..... 21.95

Cabbage Rolls..... 1.69/100g

Baked Beans..... 5.95

Soup..... 5.95

Take Home Desserts


9" Frozen Apple and Blueberrry Pies..... 14.95

6 pk Frozen Tea Biscuits..... 5.95 

Plain, Cheddar or Coconut Mandarin

Heavenly Desserts


Check out our sweet tray!